Wednesday, December 17, 2008

R.C. Sproul on your IPod!

My Dear Hubby just sent me a link to some great Christmas messages by R.C. Sproul. Click here and download your own copy for free! Stick it in your MP3 Player and have a good listen.
Good stuff people, enjoy.
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Costly Lessons Learned

Today started out so well...

I had a list. I was a Mom on a Mission. Armed with Notebook, checks and cash to deposit, bills to pay, prescriptions to pick up.

Ah, the pleasure of a day well planned.

But God...

(I said this the other day, when it was in my favor, but today although it wasn't in my favor, He was still in it.) But I digress.

I stopped at the military post to deposit some money so I could pay bills and then zipped over to my friend's house to see if she'd like to accompany me on the rest of my errands. It's so much fun sharing trips with a friend.

Checking things off, we got a new calendar, got a great sale on a new coat, had lattes and lunch, got glasses adjusted and headed home. Sweet!

On the way back to post, I got pulled over at the gate. My tabs were expired on my Suburban. Akk! I knew that! I had forgotten that! There was nothing I could do. I was sure I was facing a ticket, it was 16 days past due. Sure enough, 35 minutes later, I drove away with a $75 fine. The reason it was 35 minutes, (I know! That was a long time to sit!) the MP that was "helping" me, was having OJT, On the Job Training and his SGT was doing things "by the book" and they both kept stumbling around. (Get it right, Gents.)

Anyway, back to the "but God..." part of it all. You see, I could blame God for throwing crummy stuff my way, just when I thought they couldn't get any worse. Or I could try and figure out what I had done wrong to deserve this punishment. But when I look back on my day, God had nothing to do with the fact that I had forgotten to pay my registration. I don't have an excuse. I volunteer on Thursdays right across the parking lot from DOL. When we received the notice, we didn't have the money, but about two weeks ago, we had enough money to take care of it. But I didn't.
Consequences will get you every time. It isn't that God is heaping punishment for sinning. But there are consequences for sinning. Even unknown sin, (or forgotten sin, like misplacing a bill.)

It's taken care of now, I'm driving legally. And my Suburban is sporting a new sticker, and new clean shine. (I'm surprised the gate guard could even read the label through all the road grime.)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

God Keeps His Promises

As we look ahead to the seemingly bleak future and all that it holds, I am frightened. I said it, there. I'm scared that we won't make it.

What will our future hold? I feel like Evil Knievel looking across a great chasm. I can see the other side and the pathway there is straight and true. But in between me and the clear path is a dark and foreboding place. My earthly frame tells me I need to find a way over it, through it or around it.

But God...

Aren't those fabulous words? We find them over and over in His word to us, the Bible.

But God will provide a way. I don't just hope that he will, I know that will. Not only because he has provided in the past but because He says that He will in His word.

"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."

To me this means, I don't need to worry about my mortgage payment, clothes for my kids, or food for my table.

God will provide if I only trust wholeheartedly in Him.

Monday, December 8, 2008

A New Movie and a New Chapter...

I never go out on Black Friday, it's just too crazy out there, but this year I had some items that I desperately needed at Wally's. While I was there, the $2 movie kiosk caught my eye. There were some great titles there. "Hope Floats", "Pay it forward", "Take The Lead", and "Two Weeks Notice" Love this one, Hugh Grant is a cutie, and Sandra Bullock is just so funny and glamorous all in the same breath.

Ironically, Bear came home with one of his own yesterday. Please keep us in your prayers, this comes at a bad time financially.
We are however, trusting God in all of this. We know that it is not Barry's supervisor who controls the tides. He is not the one who makes the waves stand still nor is he the one who owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

We knew when Bear started this job that it was only temporary. He's going to seminary to finish his MDiv. so that he can return to active duty as an Army Chaplain. That is the goal, not spending time in a job that is clearly going nowhere, or becoming so frustrated with the supervisor that seminary study is comprimised.

We know that this is God's will and His perfect timing and we are trusting Him with the outcome. It will be about 7 months before graduation, (take a look at the ticker on top of my page,) and then a short transitionary period. The trial here is staying afloat while all of this happens. We still have a mortgage payment, a car payment and utilities to juggle.

I do like having my husband at home, and if I could just find a way to make money doing that we'd all be happy.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tea Party Update

Here's a few pictures of the "Giving Tea" we had for Chels. We had 8 girls here for cucumber sandwiches, mini quiches, tea, punch and cupcakes.
They brought and donated lots of items for Health Kits for the needy. Our church will be passing these kits out to the homeless throughout the Christmas season.
We also played a fun tea tray game where you look at a bunch of items on a tray and then try to write them all down without looking at them. These girls were good! They got them all! Little smarties.

Tonight we had our family birthday celebration with cake, ice cream and candles. Ace informed me that even though her birthday was on Thursday she doesn't turn 11 until we eat cake.

If that's the case, I think I could subtract a few years from my age.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chel's Birthday Party

Tonight I'm having a tea party with a bunch of giggly girls. I know, I should have my head examined. Chels loves to hold tea parties for her birthday and since it is so near Christmas, we tend to "do it up right!" We get out the pretty tea things, lace, doilies, white gloves and hats.

Instead of presents this year, she wants to collect items for health kits for the needy. (What a sweetie!) So instead of horsey things, or books, or new CD's she'll be getting toothpaste, socks, and shampoo for her birthday.

I'll post pictures of the actual event soon.

Have to run, dah-ling. I need to iron some Battenberg lace, brew up some Earl Grey, and dig out the punch bowl.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Fish and Houseguests...

We had company for Thanksgiving; dear friends whom we have known for about 12 years. We were stationed at Fort Leavenworth together and have some kids the same ages.

We joked about each others' blogs and how, after they had all left, I would be posting the analogy of how fish and house guests are alike and should only be around for a couple of days.

But then I tore the pages off my Mary Englebreit calendar, (ok, I really tore off about two weeks worth of pages, so now you know, I procrastinate,) and this is what I found on today's page.
This fits the weekend so much more than the fish story.

We love you, Stripes!!

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