Saturday, November 15, 2008

Here's a good start!

My dear friend Amy, (the one I Shop Hopped with,) came over last night and helped me cut out outfits. She also brought along some sweaters and "outgrown" things from her closet to use. We went through my girls' closet and picked a few things that they just LOVE, so we could make patterns and copy them.

Amy brought 4 darling turtleneck sweaters. We cut out skirts to add to the bottoms to make sweater dresses.

My girls also have this darling pair of gaucho pants in a brown velour fabric. We laid them out on pattern paper and traced a new pattern to cut out of this gorgeous red Ultrasuede/knit stuff.

Today was also a potty training day for us, so I wasn't as productive as I had hoped, but I got two items finished to add to their fall wardrobe with about a half dozen or more cut out ready to sew.

And on a side note, Boo is tinkling in the toilet!! Not all the time, but I think he's getting it! Yay, Boo Boo!!

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We Are A Happy Family said...

We miss you Mary. I wish that You could come and help me sew. Love you so much.
Your kids are so adorable.


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