Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shop Hop - Day One!

What fun!

I took the girls out of school to drive all over the countryside getting free fabric! Now what could be more exciting than that!
Miss Busy, Chels, my friend Amy, (not her real name) and Belinda, (not hers either, I'm all about anonymity.) started out on our little crafty jaunt.

The deal is this, you get a Shop Hop "passport" and at each shop you visit you get a stamp, a fat eighth of fabric, and a pattern for a quilt block. Our first stop was in Ocean Shores. What a nice store! And fabric on sale! This is the Ocean Shore's Block. Pretty isn't it? The shop owner added her own touch and threw in a little green bug fabric. Isn't it cute?

You can't go to Ocean Shores without driving on the beach, so we did, took some great pictures, (didn't get out, too cold in October!)
And then drove past the Judith Ann Inn. I'd love to stay here some day. So picturesque. Can you imagine watching the sunset over the ocean from the window in your room. Ahhh...

This is a picture of the Shop Hop quilt in the shop in Aberdeen. Most of the other shop owners weren't so nice about letting us take pictures. Too bad, not that I would cheat them out of a pattern or anything, they were just all so pretty!!

Anyway, I snapped a cute handbag I'd like to make for Miss Busy out of polka dot and pink shoe fabric. Just her style!
Chels got some horsey fabric to make a pillowcase. We'll have fun sewing!

Gotta rest up for tomorrow. Seven more shops to go!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day you had. Can't wait to check in daily and see your experiences.
I do have one question the quilt you have on your blog (the heart) can you tell me the name of your pattern it is absolutely beautiful.
I am going to be making a Breast Cancer Quilt and it would be perfect for the pattern.

Have fun on your shopping.

Your Sister in Christ
Norman, OK

Totallyscrappy said...

Ooh, lots of fun!


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