Monday, August 4, 2008

More Pluots to do...

Last week at the food bank where I volunteer, I got two more boxes of Pluots. These are little larger than the first boxes, (the fruit themselves, not the boxes) so I decided with Sadge's recommendation, to just dry these this time.

I have dried fruit in the past, in fact, I love my American Harvest Snackmaster and use it all summer. I have expended it to 12 trays and love to hear it humming away on the counter, filling the house with warm, fruity smells. (I recently did a bunch of onions though and moved it to the garage, ha ha!)

I halved the fruit and then sliced them into 1/4 inch slies so they would uniformaly dry.

One batch took about 8 hours in the dryer, then I picked about one tray-full that needed a few more hours. The rest were done; chewy and full of flavor.

One box of pluots is finished and filled a gallon size ziplock bag.

We are going to make fruit leather out of the next box. I have the solid trays that fit in my Snackmaster and the kids are excited to help with this project.

I must admit, though, I am a bit disappointed in only seeing one gallon size bag for my efforts on Saturday, I do love to see the rows and rows of clean labeled jars after a day of canning. Sigh...

Thank you to all the comments on my recent canning project. I do appreciate all the advise you have given. I live about 15 hours from my mother and sometimes I just need a second opinion in the kitchen. Lately, more often than not, ha ha!

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Meredith said...

Hi Friend! Wow, I do admire you and all you are able to do, even with a full house. I have all I can handle just opening a can, much less actually doing the canning - but then you have read about the circles I've been running! Keep up the hard work.


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