Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dilemma of the Day

Found on sidewalk: one purple gellpen. Obviously abandoned and in need of of a good owner to care for, use and to cherish.

New owners found, two girls, one writ-ey, one draw-y.

New dilemma, how to share one 3-inch purple gellpen?

Gellpen confiscated. Sigh...


Emily said...

story of my life. Only not with a gel pen. :)

Katie R. said...

Now that I have two kiddos many an item end up in the confiscated item drawer in the kitchen.

kmom3 said...

Sounds like my house! :)

Thanks for your sweet comment and for your prayers!

Oh, and I love your son's blessing, I mean request to leave the table. :) Too funny!


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