Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy with my new friend, Lucy

My new friend is my Tin Lizzie, whom I have affectionately named Lucy.  She and I have been getting to know one another as we work out our little idiosincrisies.
I've finished 7 quilt since I got her up and running just a month and a half.  My free motion quilting has improved, and I've learned a few things that have made my quilting better.  The biggest thing I have learned is to slow down and do things right the first time.  Planning the design is probably the hardest part.

I have completed some quilts using an all over meander, scrolls with hearts, flowers and stars intermingled. My greatest accomplishment is a sampler quilt for a friend. I can't unveil it yet because it hasn't been given yet. Soon, I promise.

Here are a few pictures of the latest finishes:

 This is a quilt top my Mom put together with a piece of vintage toy fabric. The toys are vintage and so is the fabric! I quilted it with an all over scroll design.  It was quilt number 1.
 Quilt number 2 is for my daughter Miss Busy.  She loves girly, daisies.  We bought this as a kit from a shop down in Ocean Shores, Washington.  It only took me about 3 years to put it together.  {smile}
 The next one is a wonky Log Cabin quilt for my son, Ace.  This is the third quilt in a series.  Each boy has a scrappy, wonky Log Cabin quit for their beds.  All three boys share a room so that I can have a sewing room for myself.  (Aren't they nice?)
 This is the Bricks of Healing quilt for my brother Gordon.  It started out as a project for him, but turned into a comfort quilt for his wife after his passing.
 This is my latest finish.  It's a Blue Ridge Beauty pattern from Bonnie Hunter's book Adventures with Leaders and Enders. This quilt is also for a gift, so I can't really give you any more information.  I wish I could mail along an automatic video camera with it.  I love to see the smiles when a gift is received.

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Margie Campbell said...

Great job on these! And your family is beautiful also! Glad you and your Lucy are getting along so well.


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