Canning 101

Beginning Canning With Mary Malone 208-705-9454 Overview: Canning your summer produce is not rocket science but it is very specific.   As a beginning canner, now is not the time to improvise or create your own recipe.   There are literally thousands of recipes out there on the web, but until you understand the science behind the recipe it’s best to stick with recipes from a trusted resource.   I recommend The Ball Blue Book as a good beginning resource.   (This will also be listed in the table of resources.) There are two types of canning; Boiling Water Bath canning or BWB and Pressure Canning. In this beginning class we will be covering the first and most basic type of canning: Boiling Water Bath canning.   Acidic foods such as fruits or pickles can be safely processed in boiling water. Low acid foods have a pH value higher than 4.6, they must be processed with a pressure canner unless you are adding lemon juice or citric acid to increase the

I'll make you look good

As a professional longarm quilter, in my opinion, it is my duty to make you look good.  I've discussed this with several longarmers.  They complain incessantly about how this client brought a quilt that has loose ends, threads, or a bit of animal fuzz.  I look at it this way; your bit of lint, or thread isn't any worse than my studio. We have a dog.  He's not a dirty dog by any means, but he does shed.  I use my lint roller constantly to remove fuzz from any quilt that get's quilted at Mary's Custom Quilting.  Loading your quilt on my Tin Lizzie is my job.  Getting the edges straight is my job.  Rolling the lint roller over your quilt to remove loose threads and lint is my job! And I'm darn good at it.  Most of my customers are extremely tidy, and seams are pressed the correct way.  One quilter even presses them all open so there is no bulk at the seams.  Her quilts are a joy to finish! But honestly, if pressing isn't really your thing,

The making of ME!

For years I have been enamored with Mama CJT’s “Ladies” series of quilts.   You can see more of her mini quilts here .   She makes the most adorable ladies! I decided I wanted one for myself.   This is how I created my “Quilt ME”  Enter, the "selfie" I'm not good at selfies, that's more of my teenage daughter's thing, not me, but I needed a good facial pic of me. I took dozens of photos.   I tried glasses up, and glasses down.  Even though I always wear them up on my nose, I thought my eyes looked better over the tops of my lenses rather than through.  So if you have glasses, try them both ways, I preferred them down.  I tried big smile, with teeth, and closed mouth.  Closed mouth, slight smile worked for me.  My ME quilt is almost serious, or mischievous.  I also took pics of my hand holding the scissors.  I wanted the shape of my knuckles to be right.  Then I sketched.  This is the part that I really can't help you with.  I'm no

A week of bundts.

Bundt cakes remind me of fall for some reason.  My daughter says it's the shape--that they look like pumpkins.  Maybe that's it.  I think it's because of the warm spicy flavors and smells I associate with those recipes.  That and the reference to to one of my favorite movies. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002), where Toula’s mother doesn’t know what a bundt cake is and she “fixes” the hole in the cake with a potted flower."Ohh! It's cake!!" Every morning for the past few days I've made a different variation of the humble bundt cake. I made a pumpkin, then banana, then apple.  Today I wanted quick, so I pulled out an old recipe that I got from two different friends almost 20 years ago.  Here's my altered version: Fruit Cocktail Cake 1/4 cup butter 1 1/2 cup sugar 2 eggs 1 Tbl vanilla 2 1/2 cups flour 2 tsp. baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 1 qt home canned fruit, juice included, (older is better) Preheat oven to 350, grease and flou

Removing a Pastor. Who is the call from anyway?

I know many people who are impacted by this. Is this Biblical? You decide.

Upcycle!! Feed Bag Tutorial

I love upcycling and using what would ordinarily be thrown away toward a good and useful purpose. Plus, chickens and bunnies are cute. So why not tote them with you to the grocery store?    Start with a 40-50 pound sack of feed.  Feed the critters first and shake out all the extra feed.  Some feeds are sweet and sort of sticky, so you may need to wash out the bag.  Using a roller cutter and a mat, cut the bottom, closed edge off straight.   You can also use a box knife to cut it, or draw a line with a pen and use scissors.  A roller cutter will be infinitely easier.  Then, using a ruler, cut off a 2.5" strip across the bottom of the bag, this will be one handle.    Now move your ruler and cut another 2.5" strip for the other handle.   Turn the bag over and thinking about where you want the design to be, cut about 2 inches above that line, so you can hem the top of the bag.  I chose to hem right above the words, "Nature Wise" for my